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Chris started his real estate career in 2006 when he purchased his first rental home. After graduating from the University of Puget Sound that same year with a degree in Business Administration and Leadership, Chris managed the sales and marketing for the Washington Coast real estate development, Seabrook. 
During this time, Chris acquired and overhauled what would soon become Washington State’s #1 waterfront real estate web site, WashingtonWaterfronts.com.

In addition to WashingtonWaterfronts.com, Chris owns and operates PugetSoundRealEstate.com. With a focus on the highest level of client service, Chris has helped many buyers and sellers experience smooth and enjoyable real estate transactions.

About the Washington Waterfronts Team
Above all else, the Washington Waterfronts Team is dedicated to providing first class client service. We believe that there is no substitute for someone who knows the market and who knows how to handle the process of buying and selling waterfront real estate professionally, while genuinely caring about your needs. We come to you with more than 14 years of experience specializing in the marketing and sales of waterfront properties. Our experience and professionalism ensures you will get the best price for the sale of your property in the shortest possible time on the market. Or, if you're buying waterfront, that you make the most informed purchase decision possible.

We strive to think expansively about our clients needs and then creatively about how we can service that need. We firmly believe that home buyers and sellers need a real estate broker who acts as a service professional that is dedicated to solving their problems. We also believe that home buyers and sellers need brokers who are among the smartest of their peers and who will provide an amazing experience in buying and selling a property.

The Washington Waterfronts Real Estate Team is exactly that. We are professional creative problem solvers with a dedication to providing you with an amazing experience. We are dedicated to being the best and working harder than our peers to ensure you're happy.

We look forward to working on your behalf and, if at any time, you would like to talk about your real estate needs, please don't hesitate to call. We pick up the phone!

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